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Ensemble of Modern Choreography "Sweet"

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About us

Due to the unique training model ensemble choreography "Sweet" is always bright and brilliant: the collective "Sweet" has become a winner at the most prestigious festivals and competitions in France, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Serbia and other countries.

Our slogan: "Born to win!"

For each child it is IMPORTANT to achieve results.

Defeating, the child is formed as a successful person, acquire leadership skills and self-confidence.

What is the secret of success of the ensemble choreography "Sweet"?

Firstly, a unique methods of training, a huge pedagogical experience of teachers and the talent of each educator of our ensemble. Our teaching staff are people who are experts at working with children.

Children are doing 5 times a week at following disciplines: classical dance, acrobatics and stretching, modern dance, production work and preparation for thr festivals and competitions.

Constantly held control of progress, certification. Each year we do rewarding for our kids with trophies and medals, giving them an incentive to dance more and more.

And the main result of training in the ensemble choreography "Sweet" is the children’s health, correct posture, good coordination, flexibility and sense of rhythm.