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In 2014, the exemplary ensemble of modern choreography "Sweet" won the Grand Prix in Paris (France) at the festival-competition "Stars Paris 2014" and the winner of the 1st degree in the nomination "modern choreography".
It all started in 2003 Zagumennov Nadezhda Vladimirovna has organized the first set and created a dance group at school 147. After some time, members of the ensemble began the concert and competitive activity. A year later, the ensemble became one of the best teams Desniansko district of Kiev. In 2004 the ensemble was invited at the IV international festival of dance "Spring dance" (Kiev).Since that time, the ensemble is a constant participant of regional, all-Ukrainian and International festivals and competitions. During its activities, the group became a multiple winner of various competitions. Was awarded with diplomas of the fifth annual children’s festival "World of talents" - 2006 (Kyiv), the VIII International festival "Veszprem games" 2006 (veszprém, Hungary), International festival of young talents 2007 (Kyiv), X all-Ukrainian festival of children’s pop art "top Top" (Berdyansk), the competition of modern choreography of the organization asato, diplomas of regional and city administrations of culture and education.
For the achievements by the order of MES of Ukraine 611 from 13. 07. 2007 the ensemble of modern choreography "Sweet" was awarded the honorary title "Exemplary art collective".
2007 - winner of the V anniversary of the Kiev competition "World of talents of Kyiv" , II prize IV International festival - competition "the Magic candle".
2008 - I prize of the International competition, Sirig, Serbia
2009 - winner of the International children’s festival Barwari" (Kyiv)
2010 - I and II prize at the International vocal and choreographic festival - competition "Shalennyi drive" (Kyiv), first and SECOND prize of the all - Ukrainian festival-contest "Patterns on Dnepr" (Dnepropetrovsk), the second prize of the IV International youth competition "Mystery dance" (Kiev)
2011 - first and SECOND prize at the International festival - competition "Isoldens" (urban village Kyrylivka, Zaporizhia region), the first and SECOND prize of the II International competition "ART PREMER, OOO (Kiev), diploma of the International festival - contest of pop and folk art "Golden lighthouse"
2012 - I and III prize of the International festival - competition "Isoldens" (urban village Kyrylivka, Zaporizhia region), the SECOND prize at the International competition of choreographic art "NEUE WELLE" (Duisburg, Germany), a special prize from the organizer of the World Championship in choreographic art.
2013 - laureate of the first degree open regional festival of choreographic art "visiting Adelaide - Dens , And the prize of the festival - contest of Amateur art activities of students" your Talents , Tecnandina "; the student of the III youth festival of folk dance "Kiske Divasolo" ; I prize at the International competition "PRAZSKY HVEZDOPAD" (Prague , Czech Republic) , II prize at the International competition "WIENER STERNE 2013" (Vienna , Austria ) ; Grand Prix International festival - contest of choreographic art "AZOVDANCE" ; I and II prize of the all - Ukrainian Festival-competition of folk and modern choreography "Faith , Hope , Love" (Zaporozhye).